Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The International Medieval Congress in 2016 (Leeds)

Last Updated: 27 August 2015

For my own interest I'm gathering together here a list of any Calls for Papers (CfP) for the IMC 2016 in Leeds. The individual paper closing date is 31 August 2015.

31 Aug 2015The Dominican Order in the Middle AgesOrdernsgeschichte
31 Aug 2015Academic Englishes and Academia in the Making: Who Will Write the Middle Ages and How?Zsuzsanna Reed, CEU
1 Sept 2015Artisans of the book and collaborative working methodsManuscript Collaboration Hub
1 Sept 2015The Long Lives of Medieval Art and ArchitectureAmanda Dotseth, Courtauld Institute of Art / AVISTA
8 Sept 2015Food, Feast and Famine, 3 sessions proposedRoyal Studies Network
10 Sept 2015Topic: Names & OnomasticsDictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources
10 Sept 2015Session proposals for ICMA (ICMA members only) – scroll downJanis Elliott / ICMA
11 Sept 2015The Animal Turn in Medieval Health StudiesSunny Harrison, Leeds
14 Sept 2015Eating the Book: Manuscripts and Reading Habits in Anglo-Saxon England (Image)Rachel Burns (UCL) & Francis Leneghan (Oxford)
15 Sept 2015Interactions among towns and leagues of towns in the long thirteenth centuryDr Gianluca Raccagni
15 Sept 2015Rethinking the Medieval FrontierJonathan Jarrett
15 Sept 2015The Monastic Refectory and Spiritual FoodCESM
15 Sept 20152 sessions:
  1. Food and Feast in Medieval Outlaw Texts
  2. Ecocritical Outlaws
Kristin Bovaird-Abbo & Lesley A. Coote / IAHRS
15 Sept 2015
The Medieval Landscape/Seascape (blog)Kimm Curran (Glasgow)
15 Sept 2015
New Directions in the Study of Women Religious (4 sessions)Kimm Curran (Glasgow) & Kirsty Day (Leeds) & Steven Vanderputten (Ghent)
20 Sept 2015Medieval Equestrianism: Theory and PracticeAnastasija Ropa & Timothy Dawson
[Unspecified]Topic: Letters to Women (panel), esp. Letters to Jewish or Muslim women@KRMaude
[Unspecified]Medieval EcocriticismHeide Estes / Medieval Ecocriticisms
[Unspecified]"If anyone is interested in putting up sessions for the International Medieval Congress at Leeds [...] under the auspices of the IPPS, please contact us."Piers Plowman Society
[Unspecified]Food + Death / Food in Death / Food + Wills@Emy_Pica
30 Sept 2015IMC Committee Deadline for Organisers of Sessions / Panels
[Closed]Murder and Mayhem: Disorder and Violence in Italy 568-1154---
[Closed]Feast or Famine? What Presence did the Bible Really Have in Medieval Spiritual Writings?
The Society for the Study of the Bible in the Middle Ages
[Closed]Mastering Knowledge and Power: Bishops, Schools and Political Engagement in Early Medieval Europe (650-1050)Giorgia Vocino & Giacomo Vignodelli
[Closed]Slavery in the Medieval World (PDF)"Medieval Slavery" project
[Closed]The Separation of Church and Church Bishops and their Communities in the Carolingian Era (8th-10th c.) (Thematic session)SFB Visions of Community & the Network for the Study of Late Antique and Early Medieval Monasticism
[Closed]Debating Relics: Reflections on Relics in the Middle Ages and Problems of Methodology"Mind over Matter" project
[Closed]Setting the Table: Medieval Tablescapes, Dining, and the Visual Culture of Food (scroll down) (Facebook)Meg Bernstein / ICMA Student Committee

Any more I've missed? Leave a comment, or tweet @MEM_PG_Confs with the details.


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