Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Slightly late December post

Still trying to get into the habit of a monthly posting. This month is a bit late because I keep getting distracted by other things, as usual...

No response regarding my MA thesis yet, which means that without a minor miracle I definitely won't be starting in January! Unless I get it back with 0 corrections (unlikely IMO!) there is no way for me to receive comments, act on them, AND get them checked by one of the assessors. Accepting that as a fact, I need to keep working forwards...

So, I need a plan for the next six months. Obviously things can change, and hopefully will, but I find it is easier to deal with uncertainty with a plan in hand. Yes, even a plan which may never happen!

Six Month Plan (Not enough of a Russianist now to do 5 Year ones!)

  • Fun Craft
    • Duct-tape Dressmaker's Dummy
    • Current patterns: 
      • Skirt (Simplicity 3847)
      • Dress (Simplicity 3673)
      • Top (New Look 6808)
    • Bake a monthly cake

  • Victorian Ball - I'd love to attend the 2016 Victorian Ball in Bath. The theme this year is "Crinolines". I own almost nothing that would be of use! I do adore costume history and living history though, so it's a great "off duty" plan to construct/sew/buy...
  • Health
    • Do more/some exercise
Work is stable, so time to work on personal life. TGO and I have been living apart due to work for 18 months now and it sucks. Time to use the breathing space to work on that.

I made Damson vodka on the weekend. Unfortunately I now have to wait until at least the summer before it's ready to drink... I still want to try my hand at sloe gin, but I'm struggling to get hold of sloes as they don't grow within walking distance of home and I don't drive.

I need a new corset for the Victorian Ball, so if I'm not paying fees in January, I plan to put them towards a 3 day corsetry course. It's pricy, but at the end of it you have a customised Victorian-style corset to take home. The one I'm looking at includes materials. My main concern is where I'd stay while it's on, as I can't expect a lift there and back every day

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