Saturday, 25 May 2013

Busy busy

Lots of radio silence while writing up an MRes proposal. Bloody frustrating trying to track down things you "know" but now can't cite for the life of you...

Currently trying to track down the source of a memory regarding mediaeval widows. My memory is of a statement that it was not uncommon for mediaeval women to take vows of chastity in widowhood to avoid forced remarriage before the were ready. Google searching leads me to suspect that my memory is drawn from Henrietta Leyser's Mediaeval Women but since my copy is still packed away I'm a little stuck. Since this isn't central to my proposal I'm working around it, but its going to bug the hell out of me until I track it down again!

I have also 'found' Twitter. Awesome, another way to procrastinate... *rolls eyes at self *

Have promised myself that I will complete the draft proposal this weekend and send it to my hoped-to-be-tutor(s) next week. Had a mad panic when an article seemed to be exactly what I want to do, but since it wasn't her thesis I think I will be OK, and I may even have found a possible supervisor in the supervisor of the author. We will see...

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