Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Splitting themes

I'm currently trying to think of a way to split themes within this blog. I have no desire to update multiple locations to discuss different things which interest me. This is a short post where I am listing the themes which I can see myself covering, and then subdivisions within that. It's not necessarily stuff I do already, but also things I have intended to write, or to think about.

  • Self
    • Things about my life, health, and that sort of stuff
    • Anything I want to abstractly grumble about
  • Medieval miscellany
    • Research and thoughts
      • Class / Seminar notes (general)
      • Paternosters
      • Death
      • Testaments
      • Material culture and trade in gems / beads
      • Books, literacy, and reading
    • Non-research interests
      • PrePetrine Russia
      • A.P. Chekhov
      • Cleanliness and dirtiness in the high to late middle ages
      • Medieval food - mostly eating thereof!
      • Medievalisms and recreation
      • Aristocratic households
      • Marches and borders
      • Languages & idiolects
    • Conference reports
      • Attendee reports
      • Papers given by me
    • Plans
  • ASD / Aspie stuff
    • Slightly different from "self" in that it is about the state of being Aspie rather than about my life
    • Research comments
    • "Doing X while Aspie" - comments on how it is to do mundane or common things while having an ASD/Asperger's diagnosis.
    • Perseverations (mine)
      • Trains
      • Games
      • Trees
      • Costume & Sewing
      • Hawks and Corvids
  • Librarian / Books
    • Information access
      • How people get hold of (accurate) information
      • How people find and use information
    • What I am reading currently (sourced via Goodreads probably)
    • LMS / LSP thoughts (me as Systems Librarian)
    • Data, Metadata, and Indexing
  • Tech
    • New technology I'm using (hardware)
    • Technology I'm using (software)
    • Technology wishlists

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