Saturday, 1 October 2016

Pop in

This month is knuckle down to it month...

In real life:

Must lose more weight to be able to undergo a procedure - BMI has relationship with success rate, and I need this to be successful!
Two birthdays to deal with - little sister and eldest nephew - he's going to be 10, where the hell did the last decade go to?!
Bits and bobs of travelling for work
Sorting out new ID card and Railcard for uni - need to go to campus to get things signed (unless I've managed to get that all sorted at the end of September (unlikely but possible)
TGO down here for a week for work (Yay for him here, Boo for snoring!)

I'm currently seriously considering as to whether it would be better to revise and resubmit my MA English Literature thesis, or restart with a taught MA course in a history department. My research interests and thesis align far better as History although I am currently based within English Literature. I'm paying writing up fees to postpone this decision in the shortterm but I'll need to get on with the process ASAP if I am going to apply. Additionally, if I do this, I think that it would be better to chose a different institution that is more local to me. Being a distance learner is very isolating and I don't think that I operate at my best within those parameters. What this all means is that I've now got a spreadsheet of universities within about an hour of where I am based which teach within my research interests. I'm now scoring them! Aspie brain ftw...

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