Monday, 19 September 2016


On Saturday morning I finally received my feedback from my viva. On Tuesday afternoon I'm meeting up with my supervisor (over Skype). I allowed myself the weekend to feel miserable about being told my original thesis was shit and needed a complete overhaul, and now tonight I have to get on with going through their comments to make a list of the changes needed. I need to learn from my mistakes otherwise I a) won't get this past the examiners on the second attempt, and b) if I DID get it past them, I certainly won't get through a PhD viva!

Plan for (the remainder of) September:

  1. Make list of Things to Fix from examiners comments
  2. Meet with Supervisor
  3. Agree timetable for corrections with supervisor
  4. Complete update of transcriptions
  5. Send updated transcriptions to supervisor

Future points:

  • Re-read / Read material to add into Chapter 1
  • Revise Chapter 1
    • Needs more material actively cited
  • Revise Chapter 4/5
    • Merge

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