Monday, 15 August 2016


This month began on holiday in Cornwall which was fantastic and Very Needed. As in recent years, this was a mass extended family holiday with myself, TGO, both sisters, our parents, one brother-in-law and three nephews. Back to work now though...

Currently I'm working on 2-3 things (#3 will happen if 1 and 2 behave!)

  1. Writing up a paper given earlier this year in response to general request from the Organising Committee. This is harder than it might seem because I ad lib most of my papers from a framework, so I don't have a paper to give them... I hate hunting down that reference I KNOW I read but cannot now for the life of me remember where!
  2. Transcription(s) for thesis rewrite. I ideally want to have all three done before term starts again so that when I get chasing for my flipping feedback (due mid April!!), I can get straight on with it...
  3. Paper or Panel for IMC 2017. I want to go, I would like to give a paper, but as of now I don't really have any ideas.
Well, the weather is lovely and I have much to do, but at least I can do it in the garden!

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