Thursday, 14 November 2013


In the middle of a write up on QuadriviumIX but this just came to mind...

How many hours can one feasibly study for when also working full time? Given I'm a PGR student my times to study are fairly flexible, but what is reasonable to expect of myself?

24 hours per day, 7 days in a week, gives a starting point of 168 hours.
I'm straight away going to deduct 8 hours sleep and night because I know I need that, so minus 8x7 leaves 112
So far so good

Now I work at 37 hour week officially. Then add 2 hours each morning for up and travelling, plus at say and hour and a half home again in the evening. That's minus 37 + (3.5 x 5) = 54.5 hours lost.

Still leaves me 57.5 hours to study. In theory... :)

So my current self expectation of 24 hours ago week is probably quite reasonable and still leaves time for spending with TGO and basic living.

What was the point of this? Dealing with the unreal expectations of Evil Ex Manager who tried to put me off by telling me that he'd had to study 40 hours ago week minimum every week (and therefore by implication that I shouldn't do this). I feel less overwhelmed too by seeing what is available to me to use if I don't spend all my time swallowed up in tinterwebs.

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