Tuesday, 2 July 2013

IMC 2013

Two days done and thoroughly enjoying myself. Staying overnight this year for the first time which has proved to be a fantastic idea.

Sessions so far (which will turn into links if/when I get around to writing them up!)

Am- travelling
Lunch - 199 cookery books
219 multilingualism
334 osteoarchaeology
Round table: modern medievalists and avant-garde archivists.

Breakfast too good :-)
532 only caught the last paper but was a thoroughly interesting one on ladies in waiting of Philippa of Hainault.
630 Digital Pleasures II: Tools for dating and describing script - absolutely packed session!
712 Did they have that back then?
833 Water
Round table: Assessing the Mediaeval Digital Ecosystem

And now to bed, and no perchance about sleep! Zzzzzzz

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