Thursday, 10 January 2013

Old but funny...

This happened a fair few years ago, but I just remembered it.

Location: Well established, multi-group cross period re-enactment event in the South East of England.

Man walks up to friend in medieval encampment and asks various sensible questions.
Friend explains answers.
Man asks if he can take a photo.
Friend agrees.
Man asks "So how did they take photos in your time?".
Friend just was too thrown to do more than stare.
Man shocked that Medievals didn't have cameras


It was people like this gentleman though that set me off studying history formally. How? Well both re-enactors and audiences have this sort of perception of the Middle Ages, and would ask questions which I could only answer with research. Biggest example of this was "But wasn't everyone dirty in the medieval period?"... cue 8 year (and counting) project on personal hygiene and the perception and interpretation of cleanliness in the past.

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