Monday, 8 October 2012

Couple of interesting articles

Just putting my head up above the parapet briefly. The sheer madness of signing up to lots of the MOOC courses through Coursera has strained my time management to the limit, but now that two have finished, I can relax a little and enjoy the last two.

So, to show I'm still alive!:

A Point Of View: What is history's role in society?


Sima Qian: China's 'grand historian' by Carrie Gracie

Both BBC articles.


1. Write up some of my Science Fiction and Fantasy essays in more depth than I could do in 320 words.
2. Read the last few SFF stories that I didn't manage to do at the time (Wells, Hawthorne and Poe)
3. Finish and publish my Leeds thoughts
4. Do some armour research I have been asked to do!
5. Complete formal applications to MA courses, with the contingency of doing the Advanced Diploma with Oxford if I need to do a 'conversion course' after all this time...

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