Monday, 30 July 2012

Getting the house in order

I think when I write I am realising - when I don't write down where my mind is going, I forget it, or do nothing with what I deduce. This is not productive! So today I went shopping to a rather nice old stationers near my parents and bought 8 'maths' exercise books* for 50p each, 5 nice pens on sale at the same price, a pack of HB pencils for another 50p, and a card folder to replace the one that fell apart on the train down, for the extortionate sum of 30p ;)
I have now headed up about half of those books with 'subject areas', plus one for the Coursera course I have just started on Fantasy & SciFi. The course is only 10 weeks, but a) it's critical literature, which is something I haven't 'done' in over a decade at least, and b) I am signed up to do another course during next term, so I have to get my routine sorted Now before work is back in the picture again. This week we are looking at Grimm, which is a nice easing in for me since I studied folklore in depth as an undergrad.
Next week is Alice in Wonderland (haven't read since childhood) and Through the Looking Glass (which I'm not sure I ever read). Each week requires a c300 word critical commentary/essay thing, which will be 'fun-hard'. Thinking on that - better get on, deadline is tomorrow and since I haven't looked at time-zones I'm working on the concept of midday UK time as being ahead of anywhere in America...

* I got to love using squared paper when studying in Russia as my handwriting is far neater and the squares let you do diagrams on the same page as the writing

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