Friday, 22 October 2010

Who the heck are you?

Well, I thought I'd better post an introduction to who the heck I am on here...

I am keeping this blog semi-anonymous, mainly as I wish at present to be able to speak freely on whatever I wish, regardless of private or work interests. However, I am not going to hide who I am either.

Facts about me:
  • I am female of "a certain age".
  • I am married to a Red-headed NIrishman but currently have no children.
  • I read Russian Studies as an undergraduate followed by a Library and Information Studies MA.
  • I currently work in libraries in the North West of England but I am originally from the South East.
  • The name Angel Cynn comes from Bede's Historia Ecclesiastic Gentis Anglorum, Book 2.
  • I am an Aspie.
  • I have perseverations on many subjects, including Medieval social history, Historical costume, Names, Etymology, Fairy/Folk tales, Languages and travelling.
  • My favourite season is Winter and I love the snow
  • I love watching steam trains and fireworks
  • I love murlocs
  • My interest in history starts pre-history, wanes from the Romans to about 600-700AD, picks up then until the Wars of the Roses where it dull slightly through the next couple of hundred years and picks up again in the Regency period.
  • I am a geek, I admit it and am sometimes quite proud of it.
  • I have been accused of being a Goth, and I am not offended by this :P
  • I have an addiction to a certain MMORPG
  • I hate censorship but endorse reader guidance - is this a contradiction? :S

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