Friday, 4 June 2010

Beginning of the transfer of material from LiveJournal

I am beginning now to transfer some of my older postings and research notes from my old LiveJournal, as I want to keep my academic interests and my personal/social interests seperate. When I started my research journal there, these were my stated academic interests, past and present:

This is a general journal for me to post information for my own reference. People are welcome to add this, or it's companion , but I will only post original information openly - some entries will be closed as they are reproductions of information retrieved from elsewhere which I don't wish to seem to suggest to be my own work...

Current topics
Katherine de Roet
Katherine le Strange (1st wife of Sir Robert Corbet of Caus Castle)
Queen Joanna of Naples
Mediaeval symbolism
Mediaeval hygiene (toilets and baths especially!)
Medieval rosaries

Topics previously researched about...
Etymology of names
Russian folklore (skazka)
Chekhov's prose and drama
Freedom of information access in 20th century Russia.

Future plans
The daughters of Yaroslav the Wise.
The place and role of women in medieval court life.
The links between medieval England and Russia, before 1500.
Women in Russian folklore.
Links between Russian folklore and early Russian history (i.e. Do folk tales represent an era, an idealised era, etc.)

NB Whilst I am interested in the role, place and representation of women, I am not a feminist. But I am female..."

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